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The most BADASS aquarium lighting, EVO LED Light System by Green Element

This is the best LED light fixture among all the aquarium lighting selections available today. Powerful 3W LEDs are packed into one space saving fixture...

Odyssea CFS700 with UV Sterilizer

Absolutely a perfect match! Canister filter with 700gph flow rate max plus a powerful 9W UV sterilizer, this Odyssea filter is here to keep your tank crystal clear. Suitable for any freshwater or marine....

MR120 LED Aquarium Light Dimmable Full Spectrum
Our Price: $98.90
On Sale $89.97
EVO Quad 72" Timer Ready LED Light
Price $349.95
August Sale $249.97
SnakeEyes LED Quad 48" 3W Timer Ready
Price $245.95
On Sale $179.97
Odyssea CFS 11i with UV Sterilizer
Price $149.90
Final Sale $109.79
EVO Quad Clip-On LED 15" Timer Ready 6500K
Price $99.95
August Sale $79.97
LED 48" 3300 Timer Ready
Price $109.95
On Sale $72.97
LED Pent 72" HI Lumen Timer Ready
Price $179.95
New! 0.5W $139.79
LED Quad 30" 1W Timer Ready
Price $119.90
Final Sale $49.79
48" 716W Metal Halide System Advance Plus
Price $279.00
On Sale $239.97

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